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Following on in the manner of my betters I have decided that a photo blog is required. The copyright is mine, but is it really worth it I ask....?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Flanders Style Old House



  1. So what are we talking here Adullamite, this and the last, two hundred years old? I wonder how long my little house will far 43 years!

  2. The pink house began in the late 1500's, the shops added in the 1900's! No doubt changed here and there over the years. However the outer appearance probably is like it was at the beginning.
    The houses below date from the 1600's with bits added here and there. Workshops extend round the back.
    Of course the traffic was slightly different then. Now the bottom house has a major road outside which explains the rather dowdy appearance.
    I suspect you house is worth many millions because you get sunshine these don't!


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