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Following on in the manner of my betters I have decided that a photo blog is required. The copyright is mine, but is it really worth it I ask....?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Facial Expressions Speak!



  1. What does this one say Adullamite? I love this shot, it makes me want a pussy cat more than ever.

  2. Cats are great, I did mention this one's character a bit on the main blog.

  3. Yeh, I lost a few cats when I was growing up to cars, heartbreaking, but they're not like dogs, that's the problem there's no way to stop them wandering and do you want to anyway.. Independence, that's their thing :)

  4. Real sorry about the cats. We had one in Edinburgh years ago that insisted on crossing the main road at night to visit her girlfriends. It was years before he lost interest! Much better when they stay indoors or you live on a farm!
    I was personally ignored by the cat pictured today!

  5. I like the glow. It gives the cat something mystic.

  6. And, Aye getting the sun in the right place helps.


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