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Following on in the manner of my betters I have decided that a photo blog is required. The copyright is mine, but is it really worth it I ask....?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"With Joy......"


  1. What a sweet little water fountain Adullamite, I should imagine in it's day it was very charming oui!

  2. Decent water much in demand in those days. A wee bit tardy now.

  3. Nice picture. It has a very powerful message about how important these fountains once were and how little respect they are granted in out time and age of flowing water.

  4. p.s. Love the new header shot, white cliffs of Dover perhaps?

  5. Ang, Many such can be seen often neglected, occasionally done up and fitting in well with the surroundings. Sad to see so many neglected.

    Grace, \not quite, That is Isle of Wight seen from Bournemouth.


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